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Layth Samarah Journey

Hi, my name is Layth Samarah. I was born on the East Coast of Virginia raised in Dallas, Texas. I’m 25 years old and became an Entrepreneur at the age of 15 years old. I went from working regular 9-5 jobs, selling cars, to making money online. Yes, I was the typical person googling “how to make money online” and that’s when I came across a great skillset that led to where I am today.

I was introduced to market at the age of 16. I practiced on a demo account but it was like a foreign language and lost $500. I realised I needed to get education on this, but that’s when I found penny stocks. Easier to understand at the time, I took online courses and started trading. It required a lot of capital, which I couldn’t keep forking up. I was only a high schooler. Putting that aside, I ended up creating my first company called Minty’s Wraps. Hence, how I came up with the academy name. It was my inspiration.

So how did I get re-introduced to Market? I was going to college at the time and a few classmates told me about it. Getting a better understanding, I was intrigued that you could flip a few hundred into a few thousand. Penny stocks, you at least need a couple thousand to see a decent ROI. I started taking market mentorships online, which was easier to find now that market was becoming hot. I studied day in and day out, listened to audios, learned multiple strategies from other traders and most importantly psychologically prepared myself

My first month trading, I turned $200 in $22,000 which opened my eyes to the possibilities. I dropped out of college to pursue what i truly wanted to do. I stayed consisted for 8 years strong. From teaching others privately to educating in market education companies
as their master trader. Anything is possible when you give it your all. Most importantly, NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF AND JUST GO FOR IT