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  1. This software is AMAZING! I was able to pass my funded account challenge in FOUR days and got 300K in funding!!! Thank you for this!!

  2. This tool has completely changed the way I trade. Takes the emotion and guesswork out and gives you a significant edge in the markets. Love it!!

    swiftphoenix (verified owner)
  3. This software is legit! Thank you Layth you are AWESOME in how much you give!

    Anjoi (verified owner)
  4. This algo is the REAL DEAL. I work an average every day 9-5, and with this algo I passed my first funded account test and am now in control of 300k to trade with!

    For how cheap this is, you’d never expect for it to be so good….. it’s life changing!

    Shawn (verified owner)
  5. What a great expert advisor! This is the first time I’ve felt so confident by pressing the auto trading button. I’ve been dealing with EAs for the last three years and never had the success like I had in the last two days with the MINTY ALGO! 🤖

    Adam (verified owner)
  6. This tool is beyond- great. Catapulted my trading and my confidence in the Market! I appreciate you greatly, Layth 🐐

    SeisTarango (verified owner)
  7. This tool is beyond- great. Catapulted my trading and my confidence in the Market! I appreciate you greatly, Layth 🐐

    Great work

    SeisTarango (verified owner)
  8. well worth the money,and works as it should i am very happy with the algo and cant wait to see where it takes me

    amaury (verified owner)
  9. I have tested the algo for 3 days and I have only one trade with a negative result, all the rest (around 12 trades) were absolute winners. Thanks to the algo the chart is marked up and I can make better decisions about entering a trade. It’s suitable for both smaller and bigger accounts. I am very excited about what this little buddy can do for me – it’s smarter, faster and thanks to it I am getting better and better with every single trade. We’ve walked a long way together with Layth and I am happy that he created this smart tool to help us win more often. Thank you Layth for your constant support and for creating our fire society! I can’t imagine my trading life without our group and the algo!

    zoriginter (verified owner)
  10. I have never successfully used an algorithm for trading until this one released by Layth based on his personal strategy. This is a game changer that has allowed me to pass a funding challenge phase 1 in 4 days. I would have passed it sooner but took me a couple of days to dial in best settings. This is hands down the best algo I have worked with. Yes it does lose a trade here and there but with a high success rate the wins far outweigh losses. If you have been looking for winning automation to assist you in your trading, this is it!

    Jericho (verified owner)
  11. yoooo
    i told layth y did i not plug with him sooner
    omg purchased the algo
    and passed a 100k challange within a few days
    this is a game changer
    if u gt the money to buy the algo all im going to say get plugged in asap it will be the best 2500 u will have ever spent

    it does lose a few trades im not going to give any bull**** but the key is its success and that is huge
    i am so gassed thats all i can say
    u wont be disappointed thats a fact

    thanks layth for this fam
    im on my way to be a minted mintonian 😎

    Junaid (verified owner)
  12. Purchased Layth’s algo without any real expectations and I’m completely blown away. I’ve used algos and ea’s in the past without any real consistency and this one is literally built different. This isn’t your typically set and forget type algorithm and it’s best to use alongside your own market analysis! It is wildly consistent and has an incredible win rate. It’s helped many people pass funded challenges and even grow their own personal accounts! This EA is a 10/5 stars lol

    Anthony G (verified owner)
  13. I’ve been a Minty student for a good while and have followed him from the crypto space to forex. He has consistently helped me in my trading career. This EA is a true game changer. I have consistently made more daily than I ever have in forex, with very little work. This will truly change lives. It’s already changing mine.

    Arrichbeau (verified owner)
  14. One of the best EAs hand down! I have a 300k account and passed tier 1 in less than week! Once I get my first payout I will purchase another one! I would highly recommend it! Don’t sleep on it! Your life is one click away! #mintygang

    Erick Sandoval (verified owner)
  15. The best EA there is! It’s like having our own Mintypips in our hands. I’m about to pass my 300k funded account challenge in about 9 days! You will not regret investing in yourselves!

    Maciel DeJesus (verified owner)
  16. I never considered even trying a funded challenge. I practice demo with 25k after getting the ALGO EA and the results were amazing. I started my 100k challenge today and in less than 24 hours I am up 2% + on my account. I only got less than 6% to go to pass the first challenge. You get the return on your investment just by watching the software operate and setup trades in my opinion.

    Manditoe (verified owner)
  17. join the new minty pip gang with this new EA its monumental no cap! will multiply your money on auto pilot! I passed my toptier 300k account in less than a week! and countless other members! hop on you are seconds from changing your financial life!!! be the next testimonial!
    thank you layth! we going to the top!

    Erick1868 (verified owner)
  18. Awesome trading algo. I’ve seen quite a few algo in my time and this one is a cut above the rest.

    melanind (verified owner)
  19. Awesome trading algo. I’ve seen quite a few algo in my time and this one is a cut above the rest.

    melanind (verified owner)
  20. Keeps printing, whole squad eatin!

  21. This algo is one of the few that actually works. It helped me pass a prop firm!

  22. I’ve been with Mintys for about three almost four years now. He’s yet to let me down. And now with this new algo, I can finally be able to focus on my health more with the ease of this. My second day on, I made money while I took a nap. Making money while you sleep. That was a first for me also. And man was it such a good feeling!!! Minty algo 💯

    Kimmystrong (verified owner)
  23. Best EA in the game hands down. The support you get along with the software is second to none. If I could give it a 6 star review I would!

    Cody Krueger (verified owner)
  24. All EA I had been always blow my accounts, but MintyPips EA is a game changer, been eating for a while now hands free using this money making software. 101% recommended. Salute to Layth!

    shelembedana (verified owner)
  25. So far so good. When it’s HOT, it’s HOTTT

    EZPZ (verified owner)
  26. This AlGO is madnesses!!!

    Ziad (verified owner)
  27. This Algo is the only one I trust, I have become very busy over the years with different ventures with business that takes time away from trading. This algo not only takes out the emotions and just focuses on price points, but it also allows me to just monitor it while doing other task. I am big on making my money work for me vs working for my money and that is what this does.

    Eric (verified owner)
  28. Absolute game changer. Ever wanted to print money? This EA is doing just that, printing 💵. Built on Layth’s strategy, this things a monster. Best money you will ever spend and you won’t regret it.

    Esaul (verified owner)
  29. The best thing I could have done was invest in this EA. Is the best there is for sure! Is like having Layth next to me when I want to! You will not regret buying this Algo! Whatever you invest, the EA will give it back to you and some more! 🤑

    Randar Brito (verified owner)
  30. 10/10 recommend!! Layth is the absolute goat and has been crushing the markets for years, this algo really takes his expertise and knowledge to the next level and allows you to trade with his strategy. Go get yours now!!

    Kassandra Abreu (verified owner)
  31. Ya’ll this MintyAlgo is a game changer, im today up 50% on my account bruh thats insane, I mean first of all, basically what I’ve get in MintyPips Academy is already a lot, like really a lot, but now also with this MintyAlgo guys, thats like cherry 🍒 on top of cream. Thanks to MintyMan the one and only, Layth Samarah the G.O.A.T 🙏💛✅ Super grateful 😇

    Tadej Grosek (verified owner)
  32. I’m new to Forex trading, but this algo has helped me in my trades. There’s still a lot I need to learn, but I see more wins than losses. If I was trading on my own, I’d be in more losses than wins. As I study the trades that the algo takes, it teaches me about the trades it’s taking. This is a very helpful tool and well worth the $$$$!!!!!!

    jokamcy@gmail.com (verified owner)
  33. Owning a Mintonian gave me the greatest utility ever, access to this sick algo 🤑 You can just sit back and let it run. I recommend it to everyone! Gains on autopilot 💸✈️

  34. Algo is a BEAST ! Best EA I ever seen. Definitely worth the price.

    AJcrypto (verified owner)
  35. This is my first time using an EA in my life and I am blown away how precise, accurate and usefull it is!
    Thank you for everything you doing for us MintyMan, you really changing people’s lives over here!! Absolutely recomending it to everyone! LFG!!

    Martin N (verified owner)
  36. I’ve only had two eas prior had super difficulty setting up both or at least getting them functional and even then couldn’t profit well on it. Mintys easy plug in and no better feeling than immediately paying off your investment first two days and then some.

  37. The best EA out there. Nothing compares. I’ve been a student since 2020 and it has been a game and life changer. Simply put, there is nothing like it out there.

    Carlos Caballero (verified owner)
  38. This guy goes beyond for his community. Whether it’s Mintyswap, Mintypips Academy, Cryb or any of his other projects he goes all in! Now he has opened up a trading EA that is a literal life changer for anybody that uses it. Layth is a true leader! You will not be disappointed.

    Richard Greenwade (verified owner)
  39. Wonderful tool to trade with!

    Ryan (verified owner)
  40. its A SICK EA! the best i have tested!

    sebastian (verified owner)
  41. Just when I thought the academy couldn’t get any better we get this ea 🤩

    Dmontra (verified owner)
  42. Love it have learned so much from it plus made money

    Justin h (verified owner)
  43. One of the Best EA’s in the industry. A true game changer .

    Ion B. (verified owner)
  44. I’ve been trading for approximately 5 years but having access to this EA with Layth’s strategy has been a game changer. Really life changing. Couldn’t recommend more. Experienced and new traders can both benefit from this Algo!

    Paul (verified owner)
  45. MINTY THE OG!!!
    Layth has created one of the if not THEE BEST trading platforms to ever exist in the space! Between all the Knowledge you get in the academy, the community that’s always active,THE FIRE SIGNALS!!! Then most of all THE BEST EA I have EVER witnessed and I have been in the industry for 8 years. Wether going 90% in signals or letting the hands free EA compound
    Your account this is the place to be 🔥

  46. This Algo right here is the creme de la creme. Not only does this Algo make constant profits but if you watch how it works live on the market your also going to better your own personal trading strat. Dont be the only one without a yacht, go get that algo and join the feast.

    Danielb034 (verified owner)
  47. This dude is top notch. If you want to change your life get his EA and training. I’ve followed him for a long time and he is the real deal.

    Ethan Simpson
  48. This is the best Algo on the market! EVERYONE in the Minty Fam is EATING!

    Wes (verified owner)
  49. This is the best Algo on the market! EVERYONE in the Minty Fam is EATING! 10/10

    Wes (verified owner)
  50. I’ve been in the Forex industry for almost a decade… long before it was a cool thing or a business opportunity. I have seen several hundred algo’s, bots, AI’s or whatever you want to call them. I have only seen a handful… less than 10 that actually work. Frankly most of them and are trash. When you consider that a person has to make updates to these things regularly that number drops even further. This guy Layth is onto something special. 1: His Algo actually works. 2: When it isn’t working properly he is the first to make the adjustments necessary based on market conditions. If this concept is foreign to you, you probably shouldn’t be trading. 3: He continues to educate, communicate and be involved with his clients through his discord channel. I commend you sir for you professionalism, attention to detail and just plain had work. FYI: I aint spilling BS here… I’d stake my reputation on this gentleman’s products and services.

    Bin Wright President of AXXCES INC. (verified owner)
  51. My brother Layth is a goat 🐐

    Always impacting lives in a tough industry 💪

    When it comes to trading, Layth is always there to support his people and very responsive and attentive to their needs.

    The EA is phenomenal 👏

    Thank you bro!

    Iram Hernandez (verified owner)
  52. The EA itself exceeds expectations beyond measure! It’s one of the best I’ve experienced to this date. It’s a Great tool to help you elevate your trading to the next level. Still at a loss of words at how amazing this Algo operates. 10/10 totally recommend to anyone and everyone.
    Layth thank you for all that you do and for this once in a lifetime business changing opportunity! Forever grateful! Don’t sleep on Mintypips, he’s the Man!

    Jonatan Esquivel (verified owner)
  53. bruh…. i’ll say one thing…. 13k profit in 2 days, straight FIRE!!!!!! 🙂

    Alex (verified owner)
  54. Awesome EA! Great community. Looking forward to setting it up on a Prop Firm account soon!

    cindyc (verified owner)
  55. Layth has created one of the best US30 trading strategies and best of all it has been fully automated on this EA that way it takes the emotions out of it. This is the easiest way to become a profitable trader however you still have to put in the work.

    Yangtsetang (verified owner)
  56. Has helped me trade 100%

    Hamdi222 (verified owner)
  57. This ea has put me in a spot this time round for trading that I’d never imagine. I’m learning more about support and resistance a lot more then I ever had. I passed phase 1 and phase 2 of funded accounts within 1 week , waiting on my funded now , can’t wait . One dude made $60k today on his real funded , wow his payout gone be nice , I can’t wait for my funded to hit , but yeah this ea is fire , stop sitting back inboxing ppl if this works , you gotta get on this side and see for ya self , are your gonna just keep goin in the same circle if u don’t , layth gone make millionaires from this ea . I followed layth since he was in iml, I always watched him the most out of everyone and now we here and I’m here , 3 yrs ago I was poppin pills, this year we poppin pips baby. All praise to the most high

    Kevin clark (verified owner)
  58. I’ve known Layth for a good while now (over 3yrs) got in his academy to learn what I could from him about the markets. The value gained, is unmatched for the price I paid, tbh should be valued more imo! Then he created this Algo!🔥 you not only have his strategy at your fingertips, but more! This algo if you’re hungry enough WILL teach you to see the market in his eyes, if I may. Your very own Minty Glasses 🤓! Thank you Layth for the many opportunities just for riding along! Minty4Life🙏

    Seis (verified owner)
  59. Your an absolutely blessing coming up with this EA. First crypto, now this!

    Because of you, I was able to get my luxury apartment in Miami! I never thought I would be getting into forex seriously, but because of this I am in it to win it!

    Thank you for all that you do in and I look forward to us winning!

    Much Luv!

    vrobinson009 (verified owner)
  60. What can I say, the support is 100% better then the rest. Not only the owner but the whole community want to help everyone succeed. It’s really refreshing and rewarding.
    The EA is also AMAZING!!

  61. This EA is the ticket. Takes the emotion right out of trading. Everything Layth drops from mintyswap, CRYB to Mintonians is pure gold, if you’re not a part of this action you better hop on board before we take off to another planet.

    Boomer the Drummer (verified owner)
  62. This algo is literally a game changer. No gimmicks or bullshit. Once you set aside old thinking and ego and just let it do it’s thing it is pure gold. Starting to see and learn how the markets move and follow certain patterns.

    Passed phase 1 of my funded account in less than 2 weeks and moving onto phase 2. Can’t wait for what’s in store with this beast

    Mattypips (verified owner)
  63. This algo is a literal game changer. Nothing else like this on the market with how accurate and consistent it is.

    Once you set aside ego and old thinking of trading and just let this behemoth do it’s thing that layth has created, the rewards speak for themselves and change lives.

    Passed my phase 1 funded account in 2 weeks and onto phase 2. Excited for the future and what’s to come with this money tree.


    matteopolano07 (verified owner)
  64. I’ve used other EAs in the past, but this one preforms the best hands down! Totally worth the investment, it is a simple Algo to understand that pays for it’s self in NO TIME!

    Jah1 (verified owner)
  65. This EA is a fantastic addition to your trading kit. The reviews and results being posted speak for themselves. I would not hesitate to jump in on this one.

    Renn (verified owner)

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